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Overview of the ValuSource M&A Comps Transaction Database

There are a few well known resources for small business, private company transaction data. The below provides an overview of ValuSource M&A Comps and some unique characteristics that are different from other business valuation resources.

ValuSource is one of the leading business valuation and software platforms. One of its products is the ValuSource M&A Comps transaction database (formerly DoneDeals).

This database has over 10,000 transactions of private mid-market companies from 2009 through today. Data is collected from public SEC filings when public companies acquire a private company.

This is essentially what makes this database unique in that it focuses on mid-market businesses, where ValuSource performs quality control checks to ensure data is accurate and complete. Additionally, the data can be analyzed in multiple ways, including by revenue, enterprise value, equity value, EBITDA, etc.

Charts of enterprise value to revenue, enterprise value to EBITDA, enterprise value to EBIT, equity value to net income and equity value to book value are available.

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