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Business Valuation Report Types

There are several different types of business valuation reports, thus it's important to understand what the more common ones are. Many business valuation reports follow the following format, which is recognized by valuation standard setting organizations:

Detailed Report

This is considered the most comprehensive valuation report resulting in a conclusion of value. The detailed report is structured to provide sufficient information to permit intended users to understand the data, reasoning and analysis underlying the valuation analyst's conclusion of value .

Summary Report

A summary report is essentially structured to provide an abridged version of the information that would be provided in a detailed report, and therefore, contains less detail. However, the work performed would also result in the valuation analyst's conclusion of value.

Calculation Report

The calculation report is a shorter, limited scope valuation report that results in the calculation of value rather than a conclusion of value.

In addition to the above, there is also a broker opinion of value report, which doesn't follow the same requirements of a formal business appraisal. The broker of opinion of value does, however, provide insight on pricing a business prior to going to market.

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