Items Needed to Get Started - Sellers*

*Additional items may be needed, especially for larger or growth-oriented companies

  • 3 years of business tax returns

  • 3 years of financial statements

  • Most current partial year financial statement

  • Corporate resolution, if incorporated

  • Description of business

    • Nature of core business

    • Business and marketing strategies

    • Summary of workforce/employees/contractors

    • Summary of professional advisors

    • Sales analysis by major customers and channels

    • Aging analysis of accounts receivable

    • Inventory detail, if applicable

    • Summary description of facilities and hours of operations

  • List of assets and estimated fair market values

  • Lease agreements, if any

  • Real estate appraisal, if any, if offered for sale

  • Listing/representation agreement prior to going to market

Items Needed to Get Started - Individual Buyers​​

  • Buyer's personal profile

    • Name, address, phone number, email, interests, specifications, advisors​

    • Resume of professional experience and education

  • Buyer's financial pre-qualification

    • Personal financial statement​

    • Financial and credit report authorizations (for funding purposes)

  • Confidential disclosure agreement

Items Needed to Get Started - Strategic or Financial Buyers

  • Buyer's personal profile

    • Name, address, phone number, email, interests, specifications​

    • Summary of prior deals closed, if any

  • Financial statement or available funding range/structure

  • Confidential disclosure agreement




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